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December 11, 2019

The Latest Secret Energy Upgrades

New Site Content

Secret Energy Podcast Episode 6

434 Love Joy Hope has been added to Conscious Networks

Kaba Kamene has been added to Metaphysical Advisors

The Golden Intonation frequencies containing perfect whole number ratios have been added to the store.


Features and Mentionables

Dark Mode

If you are reading this most likely you are looking at a white screen. Dark mode saves power and is gentler on the eyes. You can now accomplish using dark mode on all sites with a bright background including Secret Energy by downloading this plugin for your browser. Its the best out there, and if you have tried others this one won't let you down. Install the Dark Mode https://darkreader.org

Ennealogy on the Horizon

We are already getting the site prepared for Ennealogy. To participate you will need to fill out your site profile completely in order for us to begin deploying actionables to you once we are fully setup.

Technical Updates

You can now delete comments on your activity feed.

Site posts now appear in the activity feed if they match your interests.

Site users are not added to the store and the site during registration. Fixes "profile updating issue".

User recommendations are now completely filtered by your interested.

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