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December 28, 2019

SE 4.2 Changelog 🛠

Updates and Fixes

This is where all features and implementations are reported and the status of bug fixes is recorded.

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Updates - December 27, 2019

Major Activity Feed updates

Users are now completely synced between the database and the search application.

The profile avatar upload process has been changed.

You can now select more than three interests to follow.

Profile avatar was uploading horizontal - Fixed

Profiles now show all mindful gamification badges awarded!

Feedback has now been added when you follow and unfollow a seeker.

Seeker counts now match actual seeker on your account

Search now populates the top listing inside of the fly-out menus

URL's do not match the profile page in the browser window until refreshing - Fixed

@mentions are being added to the activity feed! - Pending Finalization

# hashtags are being added to the activity feed - Pending Finalization

Chat/Messenger framework is up, speeding towards Beta! - Done!

Directories page search filters are being added - Done

Updates - December 10, 2019

You can now delete comments on your activity feed.

Site posts now appear in the activity feed if they match your interests.

Site users are not added to the store and the site during registration. Fixes "profile updating issue".

User recommendations are now completely filtered by your interested.

Updates - November 27, 2019

Search has now been implemented! You can access the search bar on the top of both pop-out menus!

Known Issues - November 27, 2019

Some users creating a store account first could not create an account on the main site - Fixed

Reel Search was throwing an error upon page entry - Fixed

Users cannot delete comments in their activity feed - Fixed

Some posts in search contained videos that are no longer there - Fixed

When a profile avatar is being updated it does not show until after logging out and back in - Fixed

Some pages "jump off the frame" on mobile devices - Fixed

Updates - November 3, 2019

Intercom support has now been integrated!

Known Issues - November 1, 2019

Share options are now working! You can now share posts from your activity feed directly into facebook!

Some users are reporting not receiving the activation email - Repaired - Fixed

Known Issues - October 24, 2019

Ohms and Ohms automations along with the gateway has been completely restored!!!

The support button in the footer is not functioning. Pending Repair (You can use the support button in the right menu until this is fixed).

Known Issues - October 21, 2019

Page load times are longer than normal. Pending Repair - Improved

Known Issues - October 19, 2019

Last names with spaces cannot be added to your profile information. Fixed

It's a little difficult to resize an image on mobile with the circle ring sizer. Fixed

Old product category links are not working and resolve to 404 pages. Fixed

Known Issues - October 18, 2019

The activity feed post "share" option is not functioning. Fixed

Usernames and Avatar updates are not loading in the Activity Feed. Fixed

User data is not updating in the "search" after changes are made. Fixed

Right menu and header logic re-design for logged out vs logged in. Fixed

The final registration password page "submit" button is missing for password save. Fixed

The password page accepts a password but forwards it to a blank page. Fixed

Known Issues - October 17, 2019

A notification needs to be added when a tribe member is added or removed from a profile. Fixed

Chakras is spelled wrong in the "interests options" Fixed

Friends posts are not showing in their profile when visited by friends. Fixed

A log out button needs to be added to the menu. Fixed

Known Issues - October 16, 2019

The search menu is not functioning in the right pop up menu - Fixed

Users cannot currently delete comments - Fixed

User profile Avatars do not change immediately after the image is uploaded, you need to logout and login again to see the change - Fixed

Clicking a users comment icon does not lead to the user's page - Fixed

There is no way to delete or hide a post in your activity feed - Fixed

The Activity feed window border is cropped out at the bottom - Fixed

Functionality Pending

Live platform-wide meditations

Chat and Messaging System activation and beta test.

Vibratory analysis activation

Ennealogy workflow integration

Wellness guide update and reconstruction - Implemented

Auto affiliate linking (automatically convert site content links into user affiliate links when sharing)

Ohms for link impressions

Ohms for sharing (there is a tracking hurdle here due to Facebook's API policy)

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