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September 24, 2019

Secret Energy 4.0 Powered by Mindful App 🌞

First and foremost, We send honor to our Ancestors who in traversing this experience have given us the DNA of infinity.

We also express special thanks to our Contributors. Without you, this co-creation would not be possible, and we have something exceptional planned for you.

Secret Energy 4.0 powered by Mindful App is going into beta in less than 2 weeks! Here you will find out how that will impact your user experience.

On an auspicious day of October SE 3.0 will be upgraded to an entirely new experience. This is our 3rd house, and everything we have learned from our 2 previous conscious social network experiences will be synthesized into a unique ecosystem. New great things will come, and old paradigms will shed.

For us, this means that we make our expression more about unifying the collective. We also seek to use technology as a tool, not a crutch, so we are optimizing how things flow with the site.

Chat & Messaging

We are bringing in a brand new geo-chat that can help you find people in your area that you will resonate with. It will also handle our messaging client. Due to this, the old messaging system will be removed in its entirety. This means you will be responsible for copying the messages you wish to keep and storing them offline since they will be deleted.

We are importing all of your existing friends; however, at launch, the Chat will not be initially available until development is complete, which will be about 3 weeks after Beta launch. Until then, you can communicate with friends and view comments in your activity feed.


During the migration period, you will not be able to update your profile.

The Innerversity

All Innerversity courses will still be accessible during the migration, there will be no interruption to the learner management system.

Ohms Incentives

During migration, all Ohms actionables will be disabled. All Ohms accrued during this period will not be valid and will not reflect on your account. Once the site is restored you will find your original balance before the migration has been maintained.


We will send a separate notification of the exact migration date and time. During this period you may experience issues with logging in and/or experience site performance issues. If your issues exceed the expected time of migration completion please submit a support ticket.


Join in to co-create the Mindful Ecosystem

Quantum solutions developed and powered by the Higher Collective Self to benefit every resonant Being.


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